Constab Masterbatch Solutions

For a wide range of plastic applications like films, fibres, tapes and others.

Supplying North America PEX Resin

With our 18,000 Sqft facility with three production lines, we have the capacity to meet all your demand requirements.

What Can PEX do for you?

PEX plastic tubing and fittings are lighter but just as durable as metal piping, lowering freight, manpower, and equipment costs.
Our Company

Kafrit NA Ltd. started out in Canada as CONSTAB Additive Polymers in 2000, with a single production line producing a single grade of PEX graft. In 2005 we rebranded ourselves as SILON Compounds Ltd. Our first major expansion came in 2006 with the addition of another production line that more than doubled our capacity. In 2012 our joint venture with Kafrit Industries began and from there we explored further production expansion and product capabilities. We completed our integration into the Kafrit Group early in 2014 and we now produce multiple grades of PEX graft and masterbatches with customers based throughout North America.

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Housing and Commercial

PEX tubing systems for a full range of domestic and commercial plumbing applications, hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems, geothermal and other engineering applications.

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Kafrit NA Ltd. is developing new products specifically designed to meet the distinct needs of today’s largest industrial sectors.

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Additive Master-batches

Plastic additive master-batches enhance product and processing performance. These enhancements may include UV protection, metal deactivation, stabilizers, anti-block, anti-slip, anti-static, light diffusion, fire retardant, and colorants.

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Catalyst master-batches from Kafrit NA deliver specific product and processing enhancements such as colorant, UV protection, heat resistance, protection against chlorine, protection against metal ions and more.

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Why Choose Us
Benefit from our expertise. Kafrit NA Ltd. is committed to offering high quality products while supporting an environmentally-friendly approach. Our Integrated Management System (IMS) allows us to manage our processes to meet our goals and equitably satisfy our customers and stakeholders.

Benefit from our experience: Based in Langley, British Columbia, Canada since 2000, Kafrit NA Ltd. is part of Kafrit group, a worldwide developer and manufacturer of patented PEX pipe polymer compounds, adhesion promoters, master-batches, and fabricated products for 60 years.

Benefit from our service: Kafrit NA Ltd. has clients in more than 30 countries and production, research and development facilities Europe, and customer service centers in Düsseldorf, Germany; Paris, France; Vancouver, Canada; and Suzhou, China.