About Us

Kafrit NA Ltd. Plastics Compounding – Specializing in PEX

Quality and Expertise

Benefit from our expertise. Kafrit NA Ltd. is committed to offering high quality products while supporting an environmentally-friendly approach. Our Integrated Management System (IMS) allows us to manage our processes to meet our goals and satisfy our customers and stakeholders. We maintain internationally recognized systems for meeting or exceeding the highest standards in quality manufacturing; in the health and safety of our processes; and in environmental stewardship.

Member of Kafrit Group

Most recently we have combined with the Kafrit Group, bringing to the North American market 35 years of unique experience in production of additive master-batches which will further enhance our position in the marketplace. Kafrit serves many diverse markets worldwide with product for Automotive, Construction & Infrastructure, Agriculture, Home Appliances and Toys, DIY, Roofing & Glazing, Electronic & Electrical, Fibres, Packaging and more.

Global Reach

Benefit from our service: Kafrit Group has clients in more than 30 countries and has research and development along with production facilities in Ruthen Germany; Israel; Vancouver, Canada; and Suzhou, China.

Market Reach

Kafrit NA Ltd. produces a range of standard and specialty, industry-certified PEX materials for residential, commercial, industrial and niche markets, all with an excellent value at reasonable cost.

Our Experience

Benefit from our experience: Based in Langley, British Columbia, Canada since 2000, Kafrit NA Ltd. is part of Kafrit Group, a worldwide developer and manufacturer of PEX pipe polymer compounds, masterbatches, and fabricated products for 60 years.

The Kafrit Group

Serves markets with additive master-batches for packaging films made of BOPP, CPP and PE, polycarbonate sheet applications, agricultural films and derivatives, flame retardant applications, hot water conduction pipes and industrial application pipes requiring high resistance to heat and pressure fibres / non-woven fabrics, and biopolymers.

The Kafrit Group

An innovative and leading producer of customized masterbatches and compounds for the plastic industry. For over 35 years Kafrit and its subsidiaries have sold unique products and given added value to customers around the world.