Kafrit catalyst master-batchess

Catalyst master-batches from Kafrit NA Ltd. deliver specific product and processing enhancements such as colorant, UV protection, heat resistance, protection against chlorine and metal ions, protection against long term oxidation, and processing aids. Many other product enhancements are available including antimicrobial agents, blowing agents, impact modifiers, mould releases, and flame retardants.

What PEX can do for you:

  • Domestic and commercial hot and cold interior plumbing systems
  • Hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems
  • Geothermal systems
  • Snow melting, ice rinks and refrigeration warehouses
  • Underground service piping
  • Natural gas, offshore, oil and chemical transportation
  • Sewage and slurries transportation
  • Process engineering in automotive, shipbuilding, food, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, advanced materials, and specialized products industries
  • Other engineering applications

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) saves you money!

  • PEX plastic tubing and fittings are lighter than but just as durable as metal piping, lowering freight, manpower and equipment costs
  • PEX plastic pipe and tubing is flexible, reducing the need for cutting or splicing; resulting in fewer joints; and are assembled with mechanical or compression fittings, so are easier, faster, safer and cheaper to install and maintain
  • PEX tubing is competitively priced
  • PEX tubing is safe, reliable and durable

PEX and PEX tubing is energy-efficient and clean to manufacture

  • PEX tubing has a projected performance lifespan of much more than 50 years, depending on the specific compound, with little measurable degradation after 30 years
  • PEX tubing is not subject to pin holes and is highly resistant to most forms of chemical or biological corrosion, so is effective against exterior contamination
  • PEX plastic pipe and tubing has a smooth interior that is highly resistant to corrosion, mineral build-up and scaling, and is quieter than rigid pipe for interior plumbing and heating applications
  • PEX tubing has high impact, scratch and stress crack resistance, high tensile strength and low thermal conductivity, reducing creep deformation and brittle fracture from temperature extremes (from below freezing to 115°C or 240°F)
  • PEX tubing is third-party certified to meet industrial international quality, health and safety standards such as ASTM, ANSI/NSF International and CSA, as well as many sector-specific standards.
  • PEX tubing is adaptable