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Why choose Kafrit TA1117HD for oil & gas applications?

TA1117HD is the most appropriate PEX-b material grade for oil and gas applications because of its unique combination of relatively high density, tensile strength and a high degree of cross-linking. TA1117HD, having been engineered for use in applications in the oil and gas sector, may not be the optimum product for use in other applications because of some of the very properties that make it the best product for oil and gas use.


KAFRIT NA is developing new products specifically designed to meet the distinct needs of today’s largest industrial sectors. Already in continuous service with oil and gas, mining, and construction companies, we can help resolve your material requirements in any industry, with grades that address harsh environmental and mechanical conditions, severe abrasion, or extreme chemical resistance.


Based on excellent abrasion resistance for better durability, consider PEX pipes for transport of gases, compressed air and sludge/harmful slurry fluids; including fuel oil systems, composite pipes, and mineral process engineering, and more.

Oil & Gas

Based on excellent chemical resistance properties, consider PEX pipe systems for high temperature (hot well applications), gas pressure pipes, and RTP pipes.