PEX Benefits

Anti-oxidants and Process Stabilizers

All KAFRIT NA catalyst masterbatches contain anti-oxidants and process stabilizers to assure optimum processing. Our catalyst masterbatches also contain advanced polymer processing aids which enhance the ability to produce clean looking, high gloss pipes and tubes at the highest possible production rates.

UV Protection

KAFRIT NA has shown initiative in being one of the first PEX suppliers to incorporate UV protection into its formulations. UV exposure from sunlight aided by heat and humidity is very destructive to unprotected polyethylene products. A few short months of exposure to weathering in the supply yard and the construction site could result in premature failure of pipes and tubes made without this critical UV protection as offered in our products.

KAFRIT NA offers two levels of UV protection. The basic level of UV protection makes use of hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) to cope with the negative effects of weathering. At this basic level, pipes and tubes made with KAFRIT NA PEX graft and catalyst masterbatches have demonstrated the ability to tolerate the equivalent of 6 months outdoor weathering in central Arizona.

To achieve the maximum level of UV protection we take advantage HALS in combination with special UV absorbing compounds that when struck with high energy UV light re-emit it as harmless infrared light (heat)..

Metal Deactivation

KAFRIT NA is the only major PEX supplier to incorporate a metal deactivator into its formulations. Metal deactivation greatly reduces degradation of plastics when exposed to heat and humidity while in contact with metal fittings. This prevents pipes and tubes from becoming brittle and splitting at the connections.


Antioxidants for Long Term Use

To cope with the demands of long term use in a variety of environments and conditions, PEX requires a comprehensive set of anti-oxidants. Antioxidants have to cope with a lot of challenges during the life of the product. During manufacturing antioxidants that are fast acting protect the polymer from the heat and friction of processing, while in long term use other antioxidants are better at dealing with the degrading effects of exposure to chlorine in hot water.

The KAFRIT NA standard antioxidant package is designed to meet and exceed the highest standards for long term exposure to chlorine and oxygen exposure.